Life, Death & Beyond in ancient Egypt

Sept. 19 – Oct. 2, 2022

Dec. 6 – Dec. 22, 2022

Feb. 1 – Feb. 12, 2023

April 27 – May 10, 2023

Oct. 16 – Oct. 29, 2023

2024 dates TBA

For a span of almost 40 years Theresa & Emil have been walking these ancient sites together with seekers of like mind, searching for the answers to how the ancient Egyptians were Deathwalkers.

You are invited to join them on this special journey of
discovery & revelations of the hidden secrets and knowledge
of a Deathwalker.

The sacred spaces within the temples of Egypt were built specifically to energize the sacred spaces within ourselves..  And within our sacred spaces lies the answer to our destiny and meaning in this life.

Throughout this transformational journey  experience for yourself the special energy of the Great Pyramid and what it means for you personally. The Sphinx, together with the Great Pyramid,  are doorways into our ancient past and our innermost sacred selves, revealing the great mystery of the Deathwalker.

Egypt is a land whose origin is shrouded in mystery. Before 3,000 B.C., a civilization suddenly sprang forth with a fully formed language and belief system. No one can say for certain when the Sphinx and Great Pyramid were built.

Incredible to be out there!!

Even today, how the Great Pyramid  was built, or  for what purpose, remains an enigma. This special experiential journey is an opportunity for you to investigate these great  mysteries  yourself.


Day 1: Evening departure from the U.S. from New York.

Day 2: Arrive in Cairo, where you are met by our representatives who will assist with luggage, and transfer you to your 5-star deluxe hotel, the world-renowned Mena House Hotel, located right next the Great Pyramid.  You can feel its power and mystical presence throughout your stay here.

In the early evening meet for a short welcome and introductions and get together with Theresa Dominguez-Weiss and Emil Shaker.*  Experience the energy field of the Great Pyramid during your entire stay!

Day 3: Morning departure for Saqqara, the site of the Step Pyramid of Djoser, considered by many to be the first pyramid. This pyramid and the massive structure around it, designed by the architect/physician Imhotep (circa 2700 B.C.), were not only the first large stone structures in the world, but today they still constitute the largest stone temple complex on earth. We gain entrance into the mysterious Serapeum, tombs to the sacred bulls, a rarely visited site here. There will be time here to feel the special energies of the peace of death, and what it would be like to Deathwalk.


A late group lunch with delicious Egyptian traditional cuisine is included. Enjoy an extensive tour of the Museums of Egyptian Antiquities with its over four thousand years of Egyptian masterpieces.

Enjoy a fascinating tour with Emil of the incredible Egyptian museum.

Dinner on your own, and the rest of the evening free. (Breakfast and lunch included.)

Day 4: Experience the mysterious Sphinx  and the desert area around the pyramids.  The special energies here are conducive to a Deathwalker vibration.

Emil enjoying the high energy after the Sphinx sunrise visit!

Transfer to the airport for your flight to Aswan in Upper Egypt. Upon arrival in Aswan, transfer to check in to your deluxe cruise ship, your “home.”

Nile Cruise Ship

Your special cruising journey will take place on a replica of the ancient sailing vessels that were used for sailing the Nile in times of antiquity.

Enjoy five-star service throughout with very comfortable cabins.

Enjoy a sumptuous dinner. (Breakfast, lunch, and dinner is included throughout your cruise.)


Day 5: Free morning in Aswan, southern Egypt’s strategic and commercial gateway since antiquity. The afternoon for shopping and a wonderful felucca ride (small traditional Egyptian sailboat) on the Nile. Enjoy a walking tour throughout the ancient bazaar with exotic wonderful shopping opportunities. (Breakfast, lunch, and dinner included.)

Philae Temple, dedicated to the goddess Isis

Day 6:  Experience the magnificent Temple of Isis, the goddess of medicine and magic on the tiny island of Philae. “Iset,” which is Isis in ancient Egyptian, is regarded as the goddess of medicine and healing. Philae Temple is considered by many to be the most beautiful temple of Egypt. Return to the boat and enjoy a breakfast on deck as you begin sailing.

A happy group after a special morning at the healing temple of Isis!

Later experience the small but important site of Kom Ombo, a famous healing temple in ancient days. The temple is unique because it is in fact a double temple dedicated to two gods. Sobek the crocodile god, and Horus the falcon-headed god.

Emil explains the potent information here at the healing area of Kom Ombo Temple

The layout combines two temples in one with each side having its own gateways and chapels. This ancient Egyptian place of worship features a unique engraving that is thought to be among the first representations of medical and surgical instruments.

During lunch we begin sailing again. Enjoy a late afternoon Egyptian tea and sweets while relaxing on the deck.  Enjoy dinner on the deck as we overnight docked on an island in the middle of the Nile. (Breakfast, lunch, and dinner included.)

Day 7: Group breakfast on your own timing. We sail leisurely down the Nile all day. Relax, journal, or do nothing. Enjoy a lunch stop at a local village where the villagers continue millennia old traditions of their ancestors.  (Breakfast, lunch, and dinner included.)

While cruising experience the Nile as if you were in BC times!

Day 8: A leisurely breakfast as we continue our peaceful sailing. Late morning disembark for the over 2500-year-old magnificent Temple at Edfu.

Edfu Temple entrance

Enjoy a calesh (horse and buggy ride) from the boat to the temple. Edfu Temple is the best preserved of all ancient Egyptian temples and is dedicated to the god Horus, the falcon-headed god, the embodiment of the principle of Resurrection, and for whom the Pharaoh was the representative on earth. 

At Edfu Temple two happy group members enjoying a calesh (horse & carriage) ride

Enjoy shopping on the way back to the boat in your calesh. Embark the boat to have a late lunch on the deck while sailing.

Edfu Temple with statue of Horus
Theresa in the Holy of Holies at Edfu Temple

We will overnight nearby the Nile River lock. (Breakfast, lunch, and dinner included.)

Check in to our 5-star deluxe hotel close by the Nile

Day 9: This morning we pass through the lock of Esna as we begin our final leg of sailing as we make our way to Luxor.  Boats traveling between Edfu and Luxor must pass through the Esna Lock, part of the routine on any Nile cruise. Local vendors line both sides of the gate, selling their variety of wares, throwing them onto deck, which is always a lot of fun!

Luxor is our destination today. The charming town of Luxor was once the ancient Egyptian capital of “Thebes.” (Incredibly, 85% of ancient Egyptian antiquities are located in Upper Egypt, centered on Thebes.)  

Temple of Karnak

Dock in Luxor, enjoying lunch before departing to experience the incredible temples complex of Karnak.

Emil in a quiet moment at Karnak Temple

Tour the magnificent temples of Karnak, the largest ancient temple complex in the world. No one sees these temples without a sense of awe and wonder at their grandeur.

Karnak hypostyle hall

Check into our 5-star deluxe hotel situated near the Nile and in the energy field of the sacred Temple of Luxor. For those who wish, incredible shopping! Dinner on your own.  (Breakfast and lunch included.)

Day 10: Very early group breakfast. We depart for Abydos and Dendera, a very important day for us!  Our first stop is at the incredible site of Abydos, the most important site in ancient Egypt, and now rarely visited. Abydos was the holiest site in the world for ancient Egyptians. Here is the legendary tomb of Osiris, god of resurrection. After a mesmerizing experiential tour with Emil, we will stop for lunch in the countryside.

Entrance to ABYDOS-the most important temple in ancient Egypt
Emil & Theresa with earlier groups
Emil & Theresa with earlier groups

We next experience the wondrous site of Dendera where you will visit the Temple of Hathor and experience its special energy. Hathor, the goddess of love, music and dance.

Entrance to Dendera temple

Dendera is one of the most well-preserved temples in all of Egypt. The temple is a marvel to explore, with each room intricately decorated. A highlight is sitting under the ceiling with the marvelous painting of NUT, the goddess of the sky, soaking in the still powerful healing energies.

NUT, goddess of the sky on the ceiling at Dendera

Return to the hotel after this long but truly amazing day! Dinner on your own. (Breakfast and lunch included.)

Tops of pillars of Hathor, the goddess of music, love and dance

Day 11: Group breakfast.  We cross over the Nile to its West Bank, the “Land of the Dead.”  Visit the Valley of the Kings, the location of the eternal resting places of the Pharaohs. Here is where King Tut’s tomb and many more were discovered. Also, see the exquisite Temple of Queen Hatshepsut, the only female Pharaoh of Egypt.  Lunch on your own.

Emil at Queen Hatshepsut’s temple in a spectacular setting.
Entrance to Luxor Temple
The healing area of the Temple of Luxor
Experience a night visit to the exquisite Temple of Luxor.

Experience magnificent Luxor Temple, the Living Temple of Man. The temple’s design is symbolic of the living human body, reflecting the fact that the body is in turn a temple of the spirit. Dinner on your own. (Breakfast included.)

“Deathwalker” in front of the magnificent Temple of Luxor

Day 12: Group breakfast. Morning free. Time for final shopping in the famous bazaar of Luxor or take an optional balloon ride far above the Valley of the Kings and the Nile, or relax by the pool overlooking the Nile.

Check out of the hotel and depart for the airport for your flight to Cairo. Arrive Cairo airport, be assisted with your luggage and transfer once again to your 5-star deluxe hotel in the Great Pyramid area, The Mena House right next to the Great Pyramid! Local shopping or free time. (Breakfast included.)

Theresa with group members, now all one family!

Day 13:  Group breakfast.  Enjoy a leisurely morning. Wrap up gathering and meeting with Theresa and Emil.  Lunch on your own.

Experience the grand finale of your journey:  With special government permission, explore and experience the Great Pyramid during private time, only our group, these potent chambers of transformation.

The Great Pyramid

Celebration Dinner and party for our final night. (Breakfast and dinner included.)

Day 14: Group breakfast.  Transfer from hotel to Cairo airport for departure to U.S., arriving the same day in New York. (Breakfast included.)

© Entire write-up property of Theresa Dominguez-Weiss, 2020.

*Itinerary subject to change.

Note:  Meetings and gatherings with Theresa Dominguez-Weiss and Emil Shaker at hotels, the ship, and on-site. Times and locations to be announced on site.

Your Facilitators

Theresa traditionally dressed as a woman from Luxor
Theresa Dominguez-Weiss

Family Nurse Practitioner (retired),
Author of “Deathwalker-Journeys of Life, Death & Beyond,” leading expert on the Deathwalker phenonmena, researcher in neuroscience, the world’s expert for over 40 years on Power PlacesTM around the world.

Since my first experience at a power place in 1979 where connections to my inner Highest Self effortlessly came through, I have sought out mystical places with special energies such as the Great Pyramid, Sphinx, Machu Picchu, the Mayan temples and pyramids. For almost 25 years I practiced nursing, starting at the age of 16 as a candy striper and then as a nursing aide in a convalescent hospital to assist in putting myself through college to become an RN. As an RN I worked in emergency rooms, intensive care units, acute cardiac care units, birthing labor and delivery of newborns, cancer treatment

units, post operative and recovery room care, rehabilitation medicine, and did hospice work.  In the early 80’s I obtained an advanced certificate for Nurse Practitioner (FNP) from University of California, Davis’ Medical School in Family Practice.  As a Nurse Practitioner I worked in Family Medicine, a rheumatology practice (the study and treatment of joint and inflammatory immune system diseases), and in Neurology, specializing in headache management and chronic pain treatments.

Read more

Since the early 70’s I have extensively studied the then new field of neuro-immunology. I have practiced various forms of subtle energy medicine and holistic medicine, in addition to instructing patients on behavioral and cognitive techniques to help with pain control, anxiety and stress.  The training and practice of Western medicine in various medical disciplines, with the over forty years of in-depth metaphysical studies coupled with subtle energy medicine know-how, allows a unique perspective in bridging science and spirituality.

In the early 90’s I left medicine to help run “Power PlacesTM,” an international custom group tour company my beloved husband Toby named and founded in the early 80’s. “Power PlacesTM” is now a commonly used term that relates to many spiritual and mystical  sites around the world with special powerful energies.   Examples of such sites would be Machu Picchu, Stonehenge, the Great Pyramid and Sphinx, the ancient temples in Tibet plus many more around the world.  Power PlacesTM originated the travel niche of “transformational travel” and is widely acknowledged as the  leader in spirit-centered journeys. “National Geographic’s”   Traveler’sMagazine wrote that Power PlacesTM is the granddaddy of spiritual tours. As Director and Vice President I was in charge of the international on-site tours, and international conference management.

I’ll be collaborating on a book with Emil, a longtime dear friend of myself and Toby. For years he and Toby conducted transformational tours through the incredible temples and ancient sites of Egypt. They talked about writing a book together, however, Toby passed a little over three years ago and the book never happened In the recent re-writing and drafting up of “Deathwalker-Journeys of Life, Death & Beyond” for publication I enlisted Emil’s expertise and assistance to review the chapters that deal with ancient Egypt. It was then the project of working together on his and Toby’s book came up. Expected release is fall of 2021.

Emil Shaker, Egyptologist

Widely acknowledged as one of the world’s leading Egyptologists, in addition, he is the “Encyclopedia Britannica” of ancient Egypt’s hidden mysteries. Even after 43 years of guiding, he brings an

authenticity that irresistibly draws a person into the mysteries still present in these sacred temples. The love he has for these ancient temples, coupled with profound understanding of their hidden mysteries, provides a “key” to the person’s own wisdom within.  Throughout this special experiential program he will share his 4 decades knowledge on ancient Egypt mythology, cosmology and his unique insights into their teachings on life, death and the after life.  

On meeting Emil one is  captured by his genuine warmth,  great sense of humor and his wondrous enthusiasm for “life.”  One of his great joys is sharing his beloved homeland of Egypt with those who are fortunate to be able to be with him.  He awaits to walk with you through these ancient holy places as the temples reveal their secrets to their dearest “son.”  


“Before we went, I had hoped everything would be mystical and powerful.  I received everything I hoped for plus much more! It’s changed my life…Thanks!” – Ruth Cherry Ph.D.

“The initiation in the Great Pyramid was a peak experience – and being able to look square out on it…the Mena House where we stayed was perfect.” – Kay Keys

“The whole trip – starting with the pyramid and journeying onward-was a very powerful experience…The changes/transformation I can only begin to understand, for I know my life will be different because I chose this experience.” – Sandra MacKay

“I felt that the entire trip was done very professionally, but more than that…the trip was handled from the heart. I have never experienced so much genuine concern and effort to make each person comfortable.” – Charlene Michel

“The highlights for me were the warmth of the staff and the people in our group and being spoiled…everything I requested was more than fulfilled.” – K. Hess

Link to Theresa’s website including her blog, “The World Through Theresa’s Eyes” and details on her new release “Deathwalker-Journeys of Life, Death & Beyond.”